Internship Placement

Internship Placement

If you’re keen to learn more about the business world, doing a placement with us is a great idea. It offers you the chance to do the work of a proper trainee by allowing you to apply classroom learning and to explore and develop skills/knowledge.


Our six months Internship Programme is open to all university/college students in their penultimate year and placement is open all year long.

Internship Testimonial

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“My internship at L & Co Plt proved to be a valuable opportunity, offering practical insights into the realms of accounting and auditing.

Throughout my internship, colleagues generously shared their expertise, fostering a supportive environment that significantly enhanced my analytical skills. This experience provided me with hands-on learning opportunities in the intricate areas of accounting and auditing, allowing me to deepen my understanding of industry practices.

I highly recommend students interested in this industry to consider joining L & Co Plt. The company’s commitment to mentorship and the rich learning environment make it an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive and immersive experience in accounting and auditing.

Yew Jin Ting

“From the moment I joined the team, I was welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to work on real-world audit projects.

The guidance and mentorship provided by the experienced audit professional at L & Co were instrumental in my growth. They not only encouraged me to ask questions but also provided clear explanations and hands-on training, which helped me build my skills and confidence.

I am grateful for the positive, inclusive, and supportive work environment that L & Co provided. It has been an excellent foundation for my future career in auditing. I would recommend my friends to complete their internship here and extend my deepest gratitude to the entire team at L & Co for making my internship experience a memorable one.”

Sarah Saodah Salamah Binti Jamaluddin

“During my internship with L & Co, I experienced working as an auditor. L & Co has provide a healthy working environment, also the staff and superiors are supportive. It was a valuable experience.”

Khairul Aidil Bin Amir Nurdin

“L & Co internship program has taught me a lot in preparing myself for a real-life work environment. The valuable experiences and knowledges that I have gained are useful for my future career in accounting. This has benefited me to improve myself when I work in real life in the future and helps me in enhancing and developing my skills, abilities, and knowledge. My supervisor and the entire team were very helpful, supportive, and welcoming throughout my internship.

I would like to thank L & Co for allowing me to be part of their team and I am grateful to have had such valuable experience as their intern. My experience in L & Co is probably the most enriching and rewarding experience and I will highly recommend undergraduate students to be part of the internship program of L & Co!”

Nur Aufa Syahirah Binti Sinang


“My experience at L & Co was truly amazing because my colleagues were friendly and willing to help and teach me whenever I faced any kind of problem. It was also a great opportunity for me to learn and gain experience during my internship in L & Co.

I am genuinely delighted to have been a part of L & Co, and I hope to have the chance to return to the company again.

Teng Chee Khing


“Through my internship with L & Co Plt, I have gained an extremely rewarding experience. Spending 24 weeks under the guidance of people who want to share their advise and guide you to have a better insight towards this professional career path is invaluable.

I would highly recommend L & Co Plt to future interns for learning and gain diverse experience in account, tax, and audit.”

Nur Syakirah Farahin Binti Shaifuddin


“L&Co Plt has my deepest appreciation for giving me an internship opportunity. The expertise gained during the internship will be an advantage for my future career growth. Also, I met a lot of friendly colleagues and we have gone through some happy moments together!

I am very grateful for all the guidance provided by my supervisor and seniors. It was a good place to apply my knowledge and develop my skill. Hence, I believe L&Co Plt will be an ideal choice for those who are seeking an internship opportunity!”

Chong Li Ze


“I am truly grateful to have internship in L&Co Plt. I was assigned to assist in auditing, taxation and accounting. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge during this period.

Good working environment and friendly colleagues in L & Co Plt are to be cherished. The training and knowledge provided by L & Co Plt helped me to gain a deeper understanding in this industry.

I highly recommended the students who are interested in this industry to join L & Co Plt.”

Goh Pei Sze

Yang Jung

“I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to complete a six-month internship at L & Co Plt prior to embarking on my career path. During my time there, they provided me with detailed instructions on the various aspects of account, audit, and taxation.

L & Co Plt is a learning organization that fosters growth and development for all employees. The positive work environment and atmosphere at the company were delightful, and my supervisor and colleagues were extremely knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise with me. It was inspiring to work alongside them, and I would highly recommend L & Co Plt to future interns seeking to gain diverse experience in account, tax, and audit.

Ong Yang Jung


“I am truly appreciative to have such valuable experience as an intern with L&Co. I have been deeply impressed by the working environment and the company culture as it is beyond my expectations. The seniors and colleagues are always ready to give impactful advice when I’m faced with any difficulties while pointing out my mistakes that could help me to enrich my knowledge further.

Working in L&Co enhances me to have deep insight towards my career pathways. I am glad to have started my accounting future with L&Co.”

Yeoh Wei Kai

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“During the internship, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the scope of work in auditing, taxation, and accounting, and also to participate in a small part of it. The working environment and culture of the company are very good. Managers and seniors are very friendly and enthusiastic, and they often give us advice and guidance.

L & CO often provides internal training for employees and interns to improve service quality and job performance. I strongly recommend business or accounting-related students to apply for L & CO as their company for internship, as they always provide and give us opportunities and a good environment.”

Diana Lau Hui Yin

wong jing ni

“I am truly grateful to have valuable experience as an intern in L&Co Plt. I was amazed and really learnt a lot through this internship program.

Thanks to all friendly colleagues, who gave me guidance along the internship journey. Working in L&Co Plt definitely will help me to gain insight towards this industry especially in my career path.”


Wong Jing Ni

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“I truly appreciate having the opportunity to work as an intern with L&CO, the colleagues were so nice and they were very patient in giving advices to me.

I enjoyed learning from them, L&CO put in a lot of effort in enhancing our internship experience.”


Teh Yu De
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) 


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“It was a great opportunity having an internship with L&CO. I have gained a great amount of experience and knowledge related to accounting, taxation, auditing and secretarial affairs in real world. The hand on experience has given me a greater understanding of the professional path.

L&CO provides a good environment and culture for learning and I definitely recommend accounting students to join as an intern.


Lew Min Er
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting


Hong Sing Chuen

” During the internship, I was given the opportunities to expose the work scope in auditing, taxation and accounting and was able to apply theapplication of knowledge and skills learned in the real life professional working environment.

The manager and seniors are very friendly and willing to give advice and guidance to me.

Besides, the company provided the internal training to the staff and interns in order to provide better services and improve working performance.

I am highly recommend the business or accounting students to engage L & CO as their internship company who always  provide great opportunities and well environment.”


Hong Sing Chuen

Kong Sook Yun

” I’m delighted to work as an internship in L & Co PLT. I learned a lot of soft skills during this internship. As an internship in this company, I was assigned to work in several department which enables engagement in overall operation.

In summary, I would definitely wiling to work in this company after finished my study because of the company culture and great employers.”


Kong Sook Yun
Bachelor of Accountancy

Internship Vacancies

Internship in Audit

Working Location: Taman Gaya, Johor | Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor | Bayan Baru, Penang | Bukit Mertajam, Penang | Kuchai Lama, KL


Job responsibilities:

  • Assisting in checking and auditing select areas of a financial statements
  • Assist to complete other duties assigned by management

Internship in Account

Working Location: Taman Gaya, Johor | Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor | Bayan Baru, Penang | Bukit Mertajam, Penang | Kuchai Lama, KL


Job responsibilities:

  • Assisting in checking and accounting for assigned clients on monthly, quarterly and yearly basic.
  • Assist to complete other tasks assigned by management.

Internship in Marketing

Working Location: Taman Gaya, Johor


Job responsibilities:

  • Assist in Marketing Content preparation (Graphic Design, Content Writing & etc.).
  • Manage Company’s Social Media Platforms and Website.
  • Assist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Assist in Physical Campaign.
  • Assist to complete other tasks assigned by management.

How To Apply

If you are interested, do email us your resume at