Benefit In Engaging Our Outsourced Accounting Services

1. Cost Effective

The minimum salary for a professional full-time accountant is RM4,000 (Most of the time you can’t get them in this minimum cost), not to mention that you need to take care of his EPF, SOCSO, annual leave, medical leave and other statutory benefits. By outsourcing your bookkeeping operations to us, you only pay for what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

2. Expertise on your side

By teaming up with our firm, you will have access to expert advice and confidence in financial reports that meet regulatory and compliance standards. You no longer need to worry about depending on a freelance or unqualified accountant or bookkeeper. You get a dedicated team who knows your business and how to apply the latest financial rules to your books.

3. Eliminate the impact of employee turnover at your company

Staff turnover is one of the major problem faced by many business owners. When you outsource your company bookkeeping to us, you will no longer worry when you will receive your employees’ resignation letter again.

4. Allow you to focus on your core business

By allowing us to handle your company accounts, you will save more time to focus on your core business operation. Outsourcing enables your company to relocate your resources to other activities too. This is of great benefit to your business development.

5. Language

Most of our experienced employees can communicate in multi-language (e.g. English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Malay). This avoid miscommunication due to language barrier so we can understand our clients accounting and book-keeping requirements better.