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Latest News In November 2023

The government will disburse the fourth phase of the STR grant in November. Apart from this news, what else is the news to watch out [...]

Latest News In October 2023

The Government will distribute RM100 ewallet credit in fourth quarter. Let’s take a look on the other news in October~ Skim Perubatan MADANI Skim Perubatan [...]

Latest News In September 2023

Highways Accept Credit & Debit Cards for Toll Payment Some of the highways have started accepting toll payment via credit and debit cards. There will [...]

Latest News In August 2023

Increment of Petrol and Diesel Incentive The government may increase the incentive for RON 95 petrol and diesel, from RM1.05 per liter to RM1.15 per [...]

Latest News In July 2023

Will The OPR Rate Be Adjusted Again? On 3 May, BNM announced an increment of 0.25% in OPR rate, from 2.75% to 3%. The upcoming [...]

Latest News In June 2023

RM200 e-Wallet Credit for Youth The RM200 e-wallet credit for youth aged 18 to 20 and full-time tertiary students aged on or above 21 will [...]

Latest News In May 2023

Announcement of Latest OPR Rate The latest OPR rate is estimated to be announced on 3 May after the third Monetary Policy Committee Meeting held. [...]

Latest News In April 2023

Second Phase of STR Aids Disbursement According to the Prime Minister, the second phase of STR aid’s distribution will be made in early April, in [...]

Latest News In March 2023

Insolvency Act Amendment According to Budget 2023, insolvents with small debts are given a second chance to discharge from bankruptcy if they fulfilled the following [...]