How to generate VA number via LHDN e-TT system ?

Currently, a Bill Number is required as reference number when any tax payment are made. However, this is not a convenience job for those who are not a MyTax User and for those payment that not able to generate Bill Number now (like CP204 payment)!


Hence, we encourage taxpayers to continue using e-TT system to generate the VA number and complete the payment using third party payment method (like banks). VA number can be generated without logging in to the MyTax website, it is much more convenience for taxpayers.


Follow the below steps for the methods to generate VA number via e-TT system.

Steps to Generate VA number via e-TT system

1. Visit MyTax Website

Visit and select e-TT

2. Click “Next”

3. Fill in the Company Details

4. Fill in e-mail address (to obtain OTP)

5. Select Payment Type (Income Tax)

6. Fill in Payment Details

7. Check the Information

8. Print your VA Number

*Each VA number is only for ONE-Time payment usage