Dato’ Josephine Low

Dato’ Josephine Low

DATO’ JOSEPHINE LOW is heading Risk Management and Internal Audit services of L&Co PLT. She has more than 25 years of working experience holding senior positions at companies of various industries affording her a comprehensive understanding of varied business operations. Her evolving role as Chief Internal Auditor to CEO has given her distinct advantage in providing a holistic perspective on organizational dynamics. Dato’ Josephine brings a hands-on approach in identifying the pertinent risks, control gaps and potential opportunities of improvement. She provides practical options for operational enhancement while meeting the compliance requirement.

  • Operation & Compliance Audit
  • Risk Management & Profiling
  • Independent Director
  • ESG Implementation and Audit
  • IPO Preparation
  • Process Improvement & SOP
  • Section 17A Corporate Liabilities
  • Business Advisory
  • HRDF Certified Trainer

Dato’ has extensive experience in integrating governance, risk management and control processes which form a robust eco-system that are crucial for strategic business growth. Her advisory role in preparing companies for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) underscores her strategic acumen in guiding companies through pivotal phases of development.

Dato’ Josephine also facilitates the implementation of Sustainability Reporting and ESG Initiatives for companies through identifying gaps, assessing materiality, and steering organizational sustainability programs.

She also provides supports to companies in their Ethics Management System. This includes the development of whistleblowing programs and the implementation of fraud prevention measures and perform independent assessment on Adequate Procedures for Section 17A Corporate Liability.

Dato’ Josephine was also actively involved in many established associations as president and principal office bearer and contributed to development of the relevant profession’s best practices.