Bill Number is Required for ALL Tax Payment

A Bill Number is a group of 16 digits number which can be obtained via MyTax portal. According to LHDN, request of a Bill Number as reference number is a must when taxpayers make any payment regarding tax, except for PCB & Stamp Duty payment.


This rules has been start implementing on 01.01.2023 by the government and the LHDN has given a grace period until 30.06.2023. During this grace period, taxpayers are allowed to continue using TIN number & Tax reference number as their reference number when they make payment.


If you still cannot find your Bill Number, we will suggest you to use the existing e-TT / thrid party payment method (via the banks).

How to Generate a Bill Number?

Step 1:

Log in to

*Kindly take note that only individual account is eligible to login into LHDN MyTax Portal. All company account will be combined with directors’ account and only accessible when log into director’s account.

Step 2:

Select Perkhidmatan ezHasil > e-Billing > the Bill Number you wish to obtain

A: Select “View TaxPayer Bill”

You can get Bill Number for:
i. Tax Estimation (CP204/ CP500/ CP250)
ii. Tax (Income tax, RPGT, LBATA, Compound)
iii. RPGT Obtain
iv. Public Entertainer

If your page is showing like this, means:

1. You don’t have any tax to be paid
2. You have cleared all your tax arrears

You can get Installments Bill here

B: Select “View Employer Bill”

Enter your No. Majikan to get the Compound to be paid by employers

C: Select “Generate Bill”

Bill Number generated here is ONLY for:
ii. Manual declaration for income tax return form

Things to take note according to the LHDN FAQ:

The same Bill Number can be used until that particular tax payment has been cleared.

Yes, just checked all the Bill Numbers that you need to make payment, then a new Bill Number will be shown. Taxpayers can use the new number when make payment.

From now on, company’s MyTax account will be combined with the director’s individual account. We will not able to log in into company’s account anymore.


To check the taxation details of company, you need to:

Log in into the director’s individual account > Click “Individual” in the main page > Select the company name that you wish to check


*Don’t worry if you are still unable to check your company’s tax details, bear with LHDN some times to update the system